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We are a tour operator based in Switzerland and we are arranging tours to the Korea peninsular. We have a wide range of tours and excursions in both, North Korea and South Korea. Our website features a selection of recommended individual and group tours to Korea. We are more than glad to adjust those tours to your own needs.

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Our products include city stays in Seoul or Busan, daytrips such as city tours. We also listed various excursions or tours which cover certain regions or all of the most important parts of South Korea. We offer a wide range of various tours starting from/to Pyongyang. These tours do include hotels, guides, transfer and transport. We can also help you to arrange flights or trains from Beijing to Pyongyang and back.
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Various tours in South Korea can be found here. Here you will find different hotels in South Korea which we can arrange for your. You will also be able to book them your self. Here you will find several recommended tours to North Korea.

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